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Gem Pallet Co Used Grade A and Grade B Pallet Sales

Sell Your ExcessPallets

Does your operation or warehouse generate excess 

 wooden 48x40 4 way GMA stringer pallets? 

Are excess pallets crowding and disrupting your operation?

Your company could be missing out on untapped revenue.

Gem Pallet Company will purchase your excess wooden 48x40 4 way stringer pallets.


Our team at Gem Pallet Company knows that surplus pallets can take up valuable space in your warehouse. That’s why we offer a comprehensive pallet purchasing service for businesses across New Jersey.

Gem Pallet Company will pay top dollar for your surplus

wooden 48x40 4 way stringer pallets.


Get in touch with us to get a personalized pallet quote today!

Pallet Purchasing

Gem Pallet will purchase your excess wooden 48 x 40 4 way GMA stringer pallets. We focus on customer needs to implement pallet purchasing programs

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Warehouse Solutions

Gem works closely with our warehouse partners across New Jersey to manage their surplus pallets

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Pick Ups

Schedule weekly or monthly pick ups to load and swap trailers at your pace

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Data Driven Reporting

Gem works closely with our valued clients and warehouse managers to ensure accurate real time data

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Sell Your Excess Pallets With Ease

Welcome Warehouse & Operations Managers

Are you looking to streamline your warehouse operations and turn excess wooden pallets into cash? Look no further! We specialize in helping warehouse managers and companies like yours sell surplus 48 x 40 4-way GMA stringer pallets. Ready to turn your surplus pallets into profit? Contact us now to schedule a consultation and get started. Our team is here to answer any questions and provide the support you need. Transform your warehouse space and boost your bottom line with our hassle-free pallet selling service. Let’s work together for a cleaner, more efficient, and profitable future!

Why Sell Your Excess Pallets

1. Optimize Your Space:

  • Free up valuable warehouse space by removing stacks of unused pallets

  • Create a more organized and efficient workspace

2. Earn Extra Revenue:

  • Convert surplus pallets into additional income

  • Benefit from competitive pricing and quick transactions

3. Contribute to Sustainability:

  • Promote recycling and reuse of materials

  • Reduce your environmental footprint by supporting the circular economy

Gem's Easy & Convenient Pallet Purchasing Services

Assessment: We provide a quick and thorough assessment of your pallets to determine their value

Pickup: We arrange for hassle-free pickup directly from your location, saving you time and effort. We offer scheduled pickups, trailer drop and swaps or live load options

Payment: Receive prompt and fair payment upon collection of your pallets

Why Choose Gem?

Our knowledgeable team has extensive experience in the pallet industry, ensuring a smooth and professional experience from start to finish. We cater to businesses of all sizes, from small warehouses to large distribution centers.We are committed to providing exceptional service and building long-term relationships with our clients. Our transparent process ensures you know exactly what to expect at every step. We offer some of the best rates in the industry, ensuring you get maximum value for your excess pallets. Call the Gem Pallet Team today!

Inquire About Pallet Services

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Gem Pallet Company 48x40 4 way GMA Pallets
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