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Gem Pallet Co Used Grade A and Grade B Pallet Sales

Grade B
48x40 4 Way Pallets

Gem Pallet Co. offers high quality pallets reconditioned pallets. Our extensive inventory includes Grade B remanufactured pallets are perfect for many applications.


With our commitment to quality and service, we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

Gem Pallet Co. can offer fast and friendly one day delivery to our New Jersey pallet customers.

Contact a Gem agent today for current pricing and available delivery slots.

High Quality Grade B Pallets

Used Grade B 48 x 40 4 Way Stringer Pallets

Gem Pallet's refurbished wooden Grade B 48 x 40 4 way stringer pallets, offer a cost-effective and reliable option for your shipping and storage needs. These GMA 4-way stringer pallets are expertly restored to ensure they are functional and sturdy, despite showing some signs of previous use. Each pallet undergoes thorough inspection and necessary repairs to replace or reinforce damaged components, ensuring they meet industry standards for load-bearing capacity. Perfect for businesses seeking a budget-friendly and sustainable solution, these pallets provide excellent utility and performance. Choose our Grade B refurbished pallets for dependable and eco-conscious logistics support.

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Gem Pallet Company 48x40 4 way GMA Pallets
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